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Malta Doctor

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

Friday, July 26, 2013

Malta Doctor

Over the Past 3 Years (or so) , we (here at Malta Doctor) have humbly tried (our most very utmost) to quietly use the Momentous Power of Twitter to Ethically Offer an Independent Series of (Health-Related) Ministerial (Top Level) Advisory Tweets ; for the Ultimate Benefit of the General Maltese Population.

Instead of (Carefully) Listening to us , and Making Appropriate Changes (Wherever Necessary) in a Timely (and Judicious) Fashion , our Innocent Little Suggestions were either Comprehensively Ignored or Unacceptably Delayed (by the Former Nationalist Government Health Ministry) ; while the Public Healthcare System sadly continued to Suffer.

As a consequence , we therefore Humbly Decided not to make any Further (Secretariat-Grade) Notifications (or Administrative Recommendations or Regulatory Proposals) ; until the Incoming Government duly assumed office.

Now that Malta (Finally) now has Greatly Improved , (Albeit Highly Horrified) , Healthcare Leadership , (as per Totally Shocked Castille Faces , pictured both above and below) ; please be duly informed that the Malta Doctor Twitter Feed will soon be Gloriously Swinging into Action again.

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