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Malta Doctor

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic
Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Doctor Malta

Malta Doctor Duly Notes that the Good Lord God (Almighty) has Graciously Saved the Life of the Hon Dr Marlene Farrugia MP (Official Consort of the Rt Hon Health Minister , Dr Godfrey Farrugia MP) ; who Miraculously Escaped from being Painfully Devoured by an Absolutely Horrifying , Massive Floating Swarm , of Vicious Maltese Jellyfish !

It was widely reported (initially) that the Honourable Doctor (Miss) Farrugia had (apparently) gone for a walk with her son along the outer part of Gnejna Bay right below the Towering Clay Cliffs , before independently deciding to (Bravely) Swim Back ; since Heavy Rain was expected and the Aforementioned Cliffs would have therefore been Far Too Slippery for comfort.

However , over the Past 36 Hours , a Multitude of (Cliff-Hanging) Conspiracy Theories have now taken Centre-Stage ; as Worldwide Speculation about Beautiful Mermaids in Gnejna Sensationally Goes Viral (and Sales of Online Naturist Tourism Tickets Dramatically Begin to Soar) !

* Malta Tourism Promotion | Tip Number 1 :

The Exact Gnejna Rock which Our Pretty Little Doctor was Precariously Stranded On should speedily be declared a National Treasure of the State ; while an Iconic Mermaid Statue similar to the (Crowd-Pulling) One in Copenhagen is Swiftly Erected (upon it) Accordingly.

A Group of Investors is Ready to Fully Fund Three (3) of such Fabulous Mermaid Monuments , diplomatically spaced throughout the Length and Breadth of the Maltese Islands Coastline.

( 1 for Malta . . . 1 for Gozo . . . 1 for Comino )


Not Wanting to be Comprehensively Outdone , most especially during this Massive Blaze of Global Media Publicity , a Highly Influential Group of Underground Gay Activists in Malta has officially asked for any Upcoming Mermaid Statues around Gnejna Bay to be (Specifically) Coloured Either Pink or Purple . . . Since those Particular Rocks have Always Been One of Their Most Favoured Secret Cruising Beaches and They Were the Wise Little Folk who (Delightfully) Got There First !

Malta Doctor

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