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Malta Doctor

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

Friday, January 31, 2014

Malta Doctor | Private Medical Clinic

Malta Doctor | Medical Oddity Of The Month | January 2014 | Tree Man Syndrome | Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis | Viewer Discretion Advised.

* * *

Malta Doctor | International Informal Learning Initiative | Europe | Africa | USA | Canada | Latin America | Asia | Australia | Pacific

Please Note that this Programme is Independently Supervised by a Registered Learning Provider in the United Kingdom (UK).

Completion Certificates will therefore be Primarily Issued from Great Britain ; subject to (Face-To-Face) Interview (Assignments Review) with one of our Approved Mentors ; currently located in Major Cities throughout the World.

Upon Finishing the 6 Month Programme , Successful Candidates may therefore have to Travel all the way to London for their Formal Induction (Graduation) Ceremony ; should they wish to wear a Full Academic Gown and Cap. (*Otherwise Completion Certificates will have to be sent out via either Fedex or DHL Courier.)

Basic Programme Fee (inclusive of a Minimum of 12 Serious Hours of Intensive Practical Observership at a Local Doctors Clinic) in Your Own Country : £999

Contact Us Directly via FaceBook to Duly Enrol (and Pay) for this Option.

Limited Spaces are Presently Available ; due to the Unprecedented Level of Interest in this Project.

Gap Year Folk are Welcome to request Special Intensive Mentorship , prior to Travelling Abroad.

Apply Early !

* * *

Malta Doctor | Informal Learning Initiative :
Assignment Number 7

A Long Lost Relative (of yours) Suddenly Appears on your Door-Step , with an Extremely Severe Case of Tree Man Syndrome ; and Nowhere Else to Go.

List 12 Simple Things which could (cost-effectively) be done ; to Holistically Improve his General Quality of Life.

* * *

Malta Doctor

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