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Malta Doctor

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic
Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Malta | Cabinet Reshuffle | Medical Politics Blog


To Our Very Dearest Health Minister , The Rt Hon Doctor Godfrey Farrugia MD MMCFD MP:

. . . Sorry that it has (Sadly) Come to This . . .

Hate Us if You Must . . . Banish Us to Narnia (if You Will) . . . It's Your Prerogative . . .

But as a matter of Profound Interest (Since you have almost been in your Current Cabinet Post for Thereabouts a Year , to Date) . . . Have you (Substantially) Implemented most parts of the Johns Hopkins Report yet? . . . Have you (Promptly) Acted Upon Crucial Portions of the Dalli Report yet ? . . . Do you have Any Basic Idea (Whatsoever) about What is really going on , directly under your Executive Ministerial Nose?

Who has Independently Audited your Ministerial Implementation Trail ? Or are you Jointly Serving as both Pupil and Examiner ?

Has it not occurred to you that one of the Main Reasons why the General Public really wants to see that Hopkins Report is not (necessarily) to Vengefully (or Bitchily) Judge the Ejected Former PN Government , but to comprehensively (and rightfully) appraise (or assess) EXACTLY HOW FAR YOU (YES YOU , DR FARRUGIA) HAVE FIRMLY PROGRESSED SINCE YOU HAPPILY ASSUMED OFFICE (WAY BACK) LAST YEAR ?

Since when did a Raft of Commercial American Confidentiality Clauses (from Baltimore) ever become Far More Supreme than an Open Parliamentary Debate on the Hopkins Report Findings (and their Subsequently Audited Implementation , or Lack of Due Action , if applicable) , right here in the Sovereign Maltese Islands ?

Confidentiality Clauses , Our Glutei !

Go Tell It to The Marines !

By The Way , (Johns Hopkins Report and Commissioner Dalli Review aside ) , . . . What manner of Health Minister often tends to spend most of his time Sheepishly Looking Away while the Crucial Bastions (and Foundations) of his Ministry are Precariously Crumbling to Pieces ?

Does it not bother you that a (Shamelessly Corrupt) Cabal of Eminent Medical Professionals is Woefully Sabotaging the Ultimate Healthcare Potential of the Nation ? Are you living on Planet Pluto ? Who do you Think that you are Kidding ?

Enough is Enough . . . We cannot bear to Quietly Watch this Travesty (Any Longer) . . .

You and the Government should Clearly Recall that we have Consistently Communicated concerning your (Woefully) Failing Healthcare Ministry , but you Notably Ignored Us , (most especially) whenever it came to the Crucial Stage of Totally Dismantling EVERY ROTTEN VESTIGE of the (Cut-Throat) Medical Political Mafia Barons (and their Feudal Professional Clique Cells) ; which have Ruthlessly Been Holding these Islands to Ransom for Ages and Ages (on End).

Whatever Happens in Future , the Masses have Already Categorically Spoken , on Due Public Record (Albeit Rather Brutally).

They Do Not Appear to Strongly Believe that you are Performing Quite Well (at the Moment).

In fact , They Politely regard you as being Irredeemably Weak , Consistently Inconsistent and Fundamentally Incapable of doing a Proper Ministerial Job ; in direct relation to the Hallowed Portfolio of the Maltese Healthcare Sector.

If You Must Resign , then Kindly Do So with Hasteful Political Dignity , as You are a Fabulous (and Robustly-Respected) Clinician who Does Not (Really) Deserve any of these (Highly Preventable) Hassles.

As far as many are personally concerned , Good Medical Doctors (Like Yourself) often tend to make Relatively Hopeless Health Ministers.

Concerning Filthy Governance , Fulminating Nepotism and Rabid Discrimination , we do not (Candidly) expect very much from you either (in this Highly Contentious Regard), since you (Dr Godfrey Farrugia) were one of the Hundreds of (Highly Privileged) Medical Doctors who were Graciously Accredited to the Grade of Specialist without any Recognized (Relevant) Postgraduate University Degree (or University Diploma or International Fellowship) at the Precise Date of Elevation.

* * *

For the Record , You (Minister Farrugia) Graduated as a Doctor in the Year 1985 , and here is the Published Public Service Synopsis , which formed part of the CV which was previously posted on an Infamous Website (in your Honour), just prior to your Appointment as Minister in March 2013 :

1978-1979 Student Representative at Higher Secondary, St Aloysius College
1982-1984 University Student Representative at Medical Student Association
1983-1984 University Student Representative at the Faculty Board of Medicine and Surgery
1985-1986 Member of an Action Committee on Local Doctors’ Foreign Recognitionn
1987-1988 Founder & Council Member of the Government Medical Doctors’ Union
1989-1991 Doctor Representative for the Steering Committee: National Health Scheme for Malta
1990-1993 Council Member of the Malta College of Family Doctors
1990-1999 Mayor of Zebbug (Independent Candidate)
1994- Appointed by the Prime Minister on an Ad hoc Committee for the establishment of a Code of Ethics for Local Councillors
1995-1997 Representative of the Local Council’s Association for Government’s Budget Special Funds elocated to Local Councils
1994-2001 Honorary President: St Philip’s Band Club, 12th May Band & Social Club, Kumpanija Teatrali Talent Żebbugi.
1994- Honorary President : Żebbug Rangers Football Club
1995-1998 President of Atletika Virens Żebbug
1997-1997 Founder and Committee Member of Kummissjoni Speranza, a Philanthropic NGO
1999-2012 Co-founder and President of e Scouts Group
1999 Voluntary Mission Work in Kenya
1999 Medical Representative in the Steering Committee against the building of a cement factory in Malta
2004-2012 President of St. Philip’s Band Club AD 1851
2004 Medical Doctor of the Haż-Żebbug Rangers F.C football club.
2009- Founder and President of Ghaqda Nazzjonali Armar tal-Festi fit-Toroq.
2010- Representative of a Steering committee : The future of feasts.
2012- Secretary of ‘Ghaqda Piroteknika Maltija’
2012- Honorary President of the St. Philip’s Band Club
2012- Official Launch: PL Representative for General Election (7th district)
2012- 13th International Symposium Fireworks. Host Committee member, chairperson in the symposium.

The Notable Awards of Dr Godfrey Farrugia (as at February 2013) proudly included:

1999 Żebbug Civic Sense Award
2007 Certificate of Merit Haż-Żebbug Local Council
2008 Thanks Badge presented by Malta Scouts Association
2012 Certificate of Honoured Merit from Ing. Gaetano Giunta, Mayor of Agira Sicily

* * *

Of Course , Like the Brother of an Ex Maltese Health Minister from the Opposing Parliamentary Benches) , you were not the only other Former Mayor (and Current MP) who Delightfully Enjoyed such Fabulous Regulatory Largesse.

Little Wonder that both Major (Parliamentary) Political Parties are not Particularly Inclined to Thoroughly Investigate this Matter either , even though Hundreds of Millions of Dollars are Shockingly Involved.

In Due Fairness to Parliament (However) , it is pertinent to Publicly Disclose that the Former Director-General did make it rather hard for anyone to ever come close to even scratching the Very Surface of such Outlandish Political Wrecklessness. The 1st Line of Defence was a Specialists Register which did not include the Exact Date of Elevation to Specialist Status. The 2nd Barrier was Political Arm-Twisting. The Ultimate 3rd Cloak of Protection was the Presidency Itself.

Of Course, while all of this was going on , the Rotten (and Purulent) SAC had the Bare-Faced , Bloody Flipping Cheek to Viciously Attack a Hard-Working , Permanently Disabled (and Wheel-Chair Bound) Physician by the name of Dr Naged Megally , who was Openly Denounced as being Comprehensively Unfit for Specialist Status ; despite him not being any Worse than all of the Countless Others who were (Politically) Carried Along.

Unsurprisingly , as Hundreds of Millions of Dollars are Potentially at Stake , in terms of Backdated (plus Recurrent) Specialist Salaries , Accrued (together with Overhead) Specialist Allowances and (Earth-Moving) Specialist Pension Pots , the Specialist Accreditation Clique has (since) boldly recruited the Wondrous Legal Services of the Son of the Current President of Malta ; to Brazenly Fend Off any Major Statutory Investigations into this (Quantum-Shifting) Political Scandal.

Official Data is Vanishing. Government Files are Being Doctored. Historical Political Favours are Swiftly being Called In.

To This Effect , Hell should now been given Enough Cooling Time to Freeze Over Thrice , before (Yet) Another (Jolly Good) Medical Chap ever gets to (Gleefully) Lead the Maltese Health Ministry , once again.

Medical Doctors in Malta have Comprehensively Squandered all of their Recent Ministerial Opportunities at Palazzo Castellania : So it is now time for a Competent Reformer , (Without any Inbred Clinical Loyalties) , to urgently assume Full Cabinet Responsibilities.

*PS : (Kindly) Consider This to be the Hors d'Oeuvre of a (Highly Unpalatable) Political Meal (of Sorts) . . . Plat Principal is Still Simmering in the Oven . . . Bon Appetit !

* * *

Malta Doctor : My (Totally Unsolicited) Political Prescription for our Ailing Health Ministry

* * *

500mg of Marie Louise Coleiro-Preca , to be Swallowed Whole (with Lots of Natural Spring Water) , Six Times Daily ; Until Further Notice.

* * *

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