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Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Malta Doctor | March 2014 | The Wonderful World of Maltese Politics


Part 1 | Shocker of the Day | Why Are There Currently No Women Serving on the Parliamentary Health Committee of the Sovereign Republic of the Maltese Islands ?

* * *

Are Maltese Women not important when it comes to Healthcare Oversight Issues ?

Where was Madam Helena Dalli when this Highly Ingracious Travesty was Boldly going on ?

Do you Know that Malta is the only European Union (EU) Country where Women have been Shut Out (as Members) of Parliamentary Health Committees ?

And by the Way , why are almost all of them Medical Doctors (4 out of 5 , to be precise) ?

Where are the other Professionals , many of whom have Quite a Lot to Offer in terms of a Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Sustainable Holistic Healthcare ?

Will Godfrey Farrugia thus (Gleefully) Act as Judge , Jury , Witness , Prosecutor , Executioner and Pall-Bearer in his very own cases ; whenever his Stewardship suddenly comes up for Scrutiny ?

Will 2 Former Medical Mayors who currently sit on the Parliamentary Health Committee also (Cheekily) Act as Judges , Juries , Witnesses , Prosecutors , Executioners and Pall-Bearers in their very own cases ; assuming that there is a Parliamentary Enquiry into those who were Elevated to Specialist Status without any Accredited University Postgraduate Degrees , as at the Exact Date of Elevation ?

Or are they 100% Confident that Such Overdue Parliamentary Investigations will be Formidably Blocked ; Long in Advance ?

What on Earth is Happening ?

* * *

Current Members of Malta's Parliamentary Health Committee as at Early March 2014 : Claudio Grech MP , Michael Gonzi MP , Etienne Grech MP , Deo Debattista MP , Godfrey Farrugia MP ( All Male )

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