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Malta Doctor

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic
Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Malta Doctor | Health Minister Konrad Mizzi

The Prime Minister's Choice of Dr Konrad Mizzi PhD MP , as the New Health (and Energy) Cabinet Minister , is an Exceedingly Laudable One ; because of 5 Main Factors :

* Doctor Mizzi has (So Far) Consistently Been one of the Best Cabinet Performers in Government ; and as such is therefore a (Long Overdue) Improvement in terms of Executive Ministerial Quality.

* Doctor Mizzi is a Tough (Multi-Disciplinary) Organizational Manager , with a PhD Degree plus a Holistic Leadership Approach ; as opposed to being a (One-Sided) Medical Practitioner.

* Doctor Mizzi does not have any Inbred Medical Loyalties or Allegiances ; and as such will not be Flimsily Pushed (or Prodded) Around by any Medical Mafia (WHATSOEVER) , or Their (Utterly Ruthless) Ilk.

* Doctor Mizzi could still (Most Graciously) hand the Health Portfolio back to the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) at a Much Later Date ; assuming that He (Konrad) were to take up another Top Appointment (Elsewhere) in Future (and the Prime Minister had Nobody Else to Competently Do the Job).

* Doctor Mizzi is a Very Wise Choice (Indeed) , Most Especially when the Immediate Past Health Minister has (All But) Publicly Accused the Prime Minister of Lustfully Coveting the (Extremely Precious) Healthcare Portfolio.

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