Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

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Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta Doctor

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic
Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Monday, June 9, 2014

Doctor Malta

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Malta Doctor | Sunday Sermon | 15th of June 2014 | Advance Posting

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Malta Doctor | Informal Learning Programme | 4 Essential Components of a (Home-Grown) Human Rights System for the Whole of the Maltese Islands.

* [ Number 1 ] : We Need a Robust Bill of Human Rights (or Code or Convention) , for the Maltese Islands ; which is Freely Accessible and Fundamentally Acceptable.

Since Malta is an EU Member State , then a Simple Maltese Islands Adaptation of the European Human Rights Convention should (indeed) Provisionally Suffice.

* [ Number 2 ] : We Require an Independent Human Rights Commission , for the Maltese Islands ; which Must Be Free at the Point of Service , and should Robustly Work on the Root Causes of Discrimination in order to sustainably effect Systemic Social Change.

It must develop Holistic Human Rights Policies and consistently provide Targeted Public Education to all Sectors of Society.

It must Regularly Monitor (and Audit) Human Rights , conduct Thorough Research (plus In-Depth Analysis) , and competently handle all Human Rights Enquiries or Referrals.

In matters affecting the Broad Public Interest, it should boldly take cases to Tribunal ; or even Firmly Intervene in Human Rights Cases before they get to Tribunal.

The Chairman must be elected from a (Broad-Based , and Well - Represented) Board of Human Rights Commissioners.

* [ Number 3 ] : We Demand a Dedicated Human Rights Legal Support Centre , for the Maltese Islands ; which must be Free at the Point of Service , and should be Exclusively Focused on Professionally Assisting those who are Filing Statutory Applications (Cases) before Tribunal.

Basic Services must include Advice, Support , Funding and Legal Representation.

The Centre should be run by Experienced Human Rights Lawyers , not Ordinary (Lay) Activists.

* [ Number 4 ] : We Deserve a Competent Human Rights Tribunal , for the Maltese Islands ; which must be Free at the Point of Service.

It will Statutorily decide if someone’s Human Rights have been Violated.

Anyone who thinks that their rights under the Bill have been violated , should be able to File a Formal Application directly with the Tribunal.

It is for Tribunal to decide the best way to deal with Particular Situations.

The Tribunal could also decide that an Applicant's Rights have not been Violated at all ; or that it does not have the Power (or Jurisdiction) to deal with a Particular Matter (either Partly or Wholly or Otherwise).

In my opinion , as far as Malta is concerned , the Human Rights Commission itself should Independently report directly to Parliament ; while the Human Rights Tribunal must be Chaired by a Serving Judge and should be ideally an Independent Judicial Body (the decisions of which can be Appropriately Appealed at Higher Court).


Human Rights do not come Cheap , These Days.

It is only when your (very own) Fundamental Human Rights have been seriously Violated that you can ever begin to understand precisely what we are talking about (here) ; Most especially if one of the (Arms-Length) Abusers happens to be the Honourable Minister for Social Dialogue (herself).

Over 99% of the World's Major Conflicts have something to do with Human Rights, in one way or another ; most of which could have easily been Comprehensively Tackled at a much earlier stage if Adequate Human Rights Systems were nicely in place.

Look at Northern Ireland. Look at Iraq . Look at Libya .

In almost Every Single Case , Terrorists consistently appear to be Made (Created or Nurtured) by Bad Human Rights Systems.

First , Their Fundamental Human Rights are Usually Abused without Redress . . .

They then get Endlessly Ignored by the Authorities . . .

Then Marginalized by Society . . .

Then Radicalized by the Dark Armies . . .

They then become Surreptitiously Baptized as Extremists ; before being Spiritually Confirmed (Elevated) as Terrorists , and Perpetually Beatified as Potential Martyrs.

To this Effect , Helena Dalli must never be allowed to Threaten (or Compromise) National Security by cheekily upgrading the NCPE into yet another of her Failed Social Dialogue Projects ; as is now obvious that She does not appear to care about the Grave Implications of failing to come up with a Robust Human Rights (Grievance-Resolution) System.

Malta is Precariously Perched at the Crossroads of the World's Most Wreckless Terror Highways , and the Ethnic Composition of the Maltese Islands is rapidly changing . . .

The Very Last Thing that we want , at this Particular Time , is a (Rapidly Growing) Group of Marginalized (and Frustrated) Individuals ; who are consistently being failed by an Obtuse Avalanche of Institutionally Racist (Government) Systems . . .

It would be Prize Foolery to allow the Highly Incompetent Helena Dalli to woefully handle such an Extremely Sensitive Job of setting up a (Robust) Human Rights System for Malta ; and It would be Equally Unconscionable for the Maltese Government to simply just sit back as an Utterly Useless Social Dialogue Minister (Lazily) hands everything over to the (Intrinsically) Rotten NCPE.

* * *

Malta Doctor | Informal Learning Initiative :
Assignment Number 9

In Terms of Human Rights , was Nelson Mandela actually a Terrorist or a Freedom Fighter ?.

List 3 Countries which still had Him on their Terrorists Database , even when he was President of South Africa.

Why do you think the United States of America kept Mandela on their Terrorists List for So Long ; even though the Rest of the World loudly hailed him as a Hero ?

* * *

Please Note that this Programme is Independently Supervised by a Registered Learning Provider in the United Kingdom (UK).

Completion Certificates will therefore be Primarily Issued from Great Britain ; subject to (Face-To-Face) Interview (Assignments Review) with one of our Approved Mentors ; currently located in Major Cities throughout the World.

Upon Finishing the 6 Month Programme , Successful Candidates may therefore have to Travel all the way to London for their Formal Induction (Graduation) Ceremony ; should they wish to wear a Full Academic Gown and Cap. (*Otherwise Completion Certificates will have to be sent out via either Fedex or DHL Courier.)

Basic Programme Fee (inclusive of a Minimum of 12 Serious Hours of Intensive Practical Observership at a Local Doctors Clinic) in Your Own Country : £999

Contact Us Directly via FaceBook to Duly Enrol (and Pay) for this Option.

Limited Spaces are Presently Available ; due to the Unprecedented Level of Interest in this Project.

Gap Year Folk are Welcome to request Special Intensive Mentorship , prior to Travelling Abroad.

Apply Early !

Malta Doctor

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Malta Doctor

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