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Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta - A Doctor's View

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic
Malta Doctor | #Malta | Malta | @MaltaDoctor | Doctor in Malta | #MaltaDoctor | Private Clinic

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Malta Doctor Clinic

Malta Racism | Part 1 | Chronicles of An Apocalyptic Tsunami | 28th of April 2014 | Viewer Discretion Advised | Contains Extremely Disturbing Material | Adults Only !

* * *


Trickle By Trickle , Racism (Sadly) Appears to be (Steadily) Costing Us a Whole Lot of Money (both in Terms of Tourism and Foreign Direct Investment).

How Can a 'Racist Malta' Loudly Aspire to Become a Haven of Medical Tourism , most especially when (so) many of the Medical Tourists are Likely to be Black , Brown , Coloured , Arabic and Asian ; almost all of whom are Thriftily Looking for Much More Affordable Medical Care than they Actually Get in America and Elsewhere ?

First Click Here For An Uncensored Video Testimony From An Unhappy European Investor . . .

After That , you May Wish to (Secretly) Click Here to See Whether you can (Ultimately) Woo this Particular (Anglo-Asian) Tourist.

And While You are At It , Do Click Here to Judiciously Make Up your Own Mind as to whether a Racist Tsunami is Still Currently in Full Flow , across the Whole Length and Breadth of the Sovereign Maltese Islands of Malta , Gozo , Comino and it's other Wee Little Isles or Islets.

. . . Then (Please Speedily) Come Back Here For The Rest of The Show.


* * *

The Times (Newspaper) has just Boldly Featured a Rather Interesting Piece concerning (Rampant , Everyday) Racism in Malta.

As Far as I am Concerned , the Most Important Recurring Theme here is our Huge Lack of Confidence in the NCPE (National Commission for Promotion of Equality).

I Recently Advised the Prime Minister (Via Email) , together with the Civil Liberties Minister (Via Email) , and the Current President - then Social Solidarity Minister (Via Email) , that the NCPE was Highly Inexperienced , Intrinsically Corrupt , Woefully Incompetent and Fundamentally Unfit for Purpose ; as it is Primarily a (Qasi) Gender Equality Caucus which is Dangerously (and Precariously) Masquerading as a One-Stop , Anti-Discrimination Shop.

Despite the Hundreds of Racist Incidents which occur (on a Daily Basis) in Malta , the NCPE barely manages to Cheekily Whitewash Administratively Process UNDER A DOZEN (OR EVEN LESS , OF SUCH RACISM CASES) PER YEAR ; irrespective of Adequate (National , Regional and International) Funding.

Hopefully , Someone at the Castille will soon be Brave Enough to (at least) Start Tackling the Massive Problem by (Firmly) Appointing a Competent , (and Genuinely-Dedicated) , Parliamentary Secretary (or Minister or Presidential Big Wig) for Integration , since Madam Helena Dalli consistently appears to be Far Too Busy to Respond to Her (Anti-Racism) Correspondence ; even when Such Correspondence is Duly Forwarded to Her by Top Civil Servants , from other Ministries.

It should then be up to the New Integration Minister (or Parliamentary Secretary or Presidential Big Wig) to Swiftly Dissolve the NCPE and comprehensively come up with a Much More Credible Solution to these (Morbid) Shocker-Horrors ; most preferably by Avidly Searching for Brand New NCPE Leadership which is Far Removed from it's Traditional , Politically Inbred , Flip - Flop , (Recycled-Commissioner-Director) Gene Pool of Lousy Statutory Governors and Sloppy Discriminatory Governance.

The Ethnic Minority Share of the Public Vote (Electorate) in Malta is Rapidly Swelling - and No Maltese Government should (Therefore , Happily) Expect (Racially Abused and Xenophobically Humiliated) Foreigners to Unflinchingly Vote for it ; most especially when such an Outrageously Insensitive (and Irredeemably Irresponsible) Civil Liberties Minister is Gleefully Perambulating at Post.

. . . A Word is Enough for the Wise . . .

* * *

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